Bentonville Seventh-day Adventist School

Welcome to Mrs. Otts'
Kindergarten- Grade 1 Class!


This year we are working with the theme of "Letting Our Lights Shine."  Our students are working on ways that share the light of Jesus to the world around them with kind deeds, helpful actions and encouraging words!  Not only do we aim for academic success, but it is our goal to develop children that are ready for the heavenly kingdom as well.  We are able to blend character development, challenging academics and the grace of God into a complete educational package that we are proud of!
My classroom is always on the move with students as well as creatures!  I hold a Masters of Education with an emphasis in Outdoor Education, so many things that I do are tied into the environment around us.  Currently we are watching the life cycles of tadpoles, salamanders and silkworms and are in the process of setting up a 100 gallon aquarium that will be home to many native species of fish, invertabrates and plants.
Because we are a multi-grade classroom there are many levels of academics taught.  I am a firm believer in challenging a child in their learning and will advance a child into areas that they excel in and keep the learning new and fresh.  There is no need to keep a child on one subject if they have mastered it or have an interest to learn more.  We have some students that are 2 grade levels ahead in subjects because they are ready to learn and take on a challenge.  With our low student to teacher ratio, we are also able to help set a firm foundation for learners who may be having a struggle or need a boost.
We are always looking for a few more students to add to our family so contact us to set up an appointment!  We would love to welcome you into our family!

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